30 January 2011

Theme: - Long:- Date: 30/01/2011

 © 2011 Rjn

The Spinners
The Family of Man
Joan Baez
Geordie, Copper Kettle, Kumbaya, What have they Done to the Rain, Black is the Colour of My True Love’s Hair, The House Carpenter, Pretty Boy Floyd, Matty Groves
Ted Egan
Down on the Daly river O, Sayonara Nakamura, 3 Aboriginal Songs, Kaidatcha Pete, Roger Was No Death Adder, Jacky Howe, Two Little Boys, Old TI, Nona Mani
Us Not Them
TI Woman,
Alex Hood Brumby Jack, Taffy the Beeman, Herman’s German Band, Beneath the Southern Cross
June Epstein Students The Scottish Soldier, Girl with the Black velvet Band, Pancakes, This train Is Bound for Glory, Water Boy
Tony Rose Sweet Jenny of the Moor
Dave de Hugard Ginny of the Moor
Leonard Teale
Mulligan’s Mare, Travelling down the Castlereagh, Last week, Over the Range, Man from Ironbark
Louis Killen
Lord Franklin
Danny Spooner
The Loss of Bob Mahoney
Us Not Them
Moreton Bay, As Good as New, A Man was Killed In the Mine Today, Sleeper Cutter’s Camp
Homage to the following poets:-
CJ Dennis – Country Fellows

26 January 2011

Theme - Special Australian: Date: 26/01/2011

 © 2011 Rjn

The Spinners The Family of Man
Wallis & Matilda Waltzing Matilda, Bottle, Mulga Bill’s Bicycle
The Bush Music Club Stringybark Tree, The Men Who Made Australia, Ballad of the Drover, Andy’s Gone with the Cattle, 16,000 miles from home.
Bruce Watson The Man & the Woman in the Edison Phonograph, Up in Queensland in the Wet, The Old Bush Dance, I shared a Urinal with Martin Ferguson, Out of My Window
Jill Stevens Mary Parker’s Lament, Old Northern Road, Tale of the Two Rivers, Desert Rain, Salvation Jane
The Wild Colonials Cunamulla Stocking Jig, Davy Nick Nack, Eubalong Ball, Sailor’s Hornpipe
Judy Pinder The Banks of the Condamine, Cailleach an Airgid, The Parting Glass
Lionel Long The Bathurst Rebellion, 300 Lashes, Drifting Smoke of the Mountains, O’Meally’s Shanty, The Weddin Mountaineer
Homage to the following poets:-
CJ Dennis – The Elusive New Zoo Gnu, The Prophetess, The Little People, Country Roads Pretty Sally
John Shaw Neilsen – The Poor Can Feed the Birds
Anon - Alas Poor Botany Bay

23 January 2011

Theme - World - Date: 23/01/2011

 © 2011 Rjn

The Spinners The Family of Man
Incantation Flight of the Condor, Cacharpaya, Virgins of the Sun
Ivan Rebroff Mutterchen Russland, Hey Andrushka, Barcarole, Moscow Nights
Sonia Rutstein No Bomb is Smart, A different Star
Hanaan & Her Ensemble Essobh, El ameh, Nider Alia, Schway Schway
Blackwood Kwela Man, Kanye Kwele, Seven Spokes
Wayward Larida, Bransle de Chevaux Thoinot, Bear Dance, Fairy Dance
Akasa Treading a Thin Line
Margaret Roadknight Disposable Society
Jeannie Lewis Everybody’s Crying Mercy
Judy Small You don’t Speak for Me
Cassidy’s Ceili Aragunna Air
Eric Bogle The Road to Eldorado
Anthea Sidiropoulos Pagose I Tsiminiera, Our Secret Place, There will come a white day for us
Woody Guthrie This Land is Your Land, John Henry, We shall be free, House of the Rising Sun
Die Eisenbahn Spieler Oompah Band Schneewalzer, Knackwurst Polka, Edelweiss
Vardos Hora Mortiser, Cine a pus circiuma in drum, Sabre Dance, Szep a Rozsam
Trojka Boeblitszki, Starinnyjwals, My Nikogda Droega Nje Ljoebli Obidno Dosacho
Claudio Bombordella Ensemble Intro, Balcania,
Pete Roger When First We Met
Homage to the following poets:-
Robert Herrick – The Rock of Rubies
IVSW - Snowfall
Dorothy Parker – The Little Old Lady in Lavender Silk
Charles A Wagner – When I Loved You
JB Marton – Tripe
Morris Bishop – Public Aid for Niagara Falls
Samuel Taylor Coleridge – Cologne
Clarence Day – Might & Right

09 January 2011

Theme - Celtic - Date: 09/01/2011

 © 2011 Rjn

The Spinners The Family of Man
Orion Douce Mousitomanie
Barra MacNeils The Lone Harper
Milladoiro Invernia
The Poozies Dheanain Sugrach
Maighread Ni Domhnaill An Cailin Gaelach
John Whelan/Eileen Ivers Lorraine’s Waltz
Deanta Culloden’s Harvest
The Rankin Family North Country, Mull River Shuffle, Johnny Tulloch, Nut Brown Maiden
The Dubliners The Old Triangle, The Leaving of Liverpool, Rattlin Roaring Willie, School Days Over
Talitha MacKenzie ‘S Muladoch mi ’s mi air m’aineoul (English translation of lyrics read by Rjn), E hรณ hi, Theid mi Dhachaigh
Horsham City Pipe Band Scotland the Brave Medley, Bells of Dunblane, Competition Medley
-Do- Interview Pipe Major Michael Stuart Opportunities in Piping
Christy Moore Before the Deluge, King Puck, Me & the Rose
Pam & Norm Merrigan Spancil Hill, Spanish Lady, Bunch of Thyme, Fiddler’s Green
Marion Martin Wi’ a Hundred Pipers, Bonnie Scotland, Spinning Wheel.
Homage to the following poets: -
Robert Louis Stevenson – Heather Ale, A mile an’ a Bittock, From a Railway Carriage.
Alexander Anderson – The Blackbirds Nest, The Hills in the Highlands, The Ballad of May Willie

02 January 2011

Theme - Australian Date: 02/01/2011

 © 2011 Rjn

The Spinners The Family of Man
Wallis & Matilda A Singer of the Bush, Old Pardon, Waltzing Matilda, Bottle – O, Sunrise on the Coast.
Bloodwood Anthem, Trinity
Billy Rea When My Blue Moon turns to gold, Mexicali Rose, Red Sails in the Sunset
Blackwood Seswale’s Kwela
Danny Spooner Intro to Maldon festival August 2003, Foggy Dew
Marcia Howard Wild & free
Caoilte O’Suilleabhain Siuil a Ruin
Dennis O’Keefe Diamantina County
Brigalong City of Brisbane
Kate Burke & Ruth Hazelton Mines of Australia
Judy Howell Twentieth Century Pioneer
Moving Harps Tanz Tanz Yidelek
Peter Hicks Them Dirty Robbin’ Banks
Soursob Bob Homesick Blues, Herbal Tea
Colcannon Listen to the Old Ones
Zulya Pointed Smiles
Greg Champion Further up the Mountain
Fred Smith Blue Guitar, When She Cries, Infinite Ocean
Sydney Balalaika Orchestra Old Carousel, Gypsy Dance, Song with no bounds
Pete Rogers When First We Met
Homage to the following poets:-
CJ Dennis – Bosses don’t seem right,
Charles E Carryl – The Walloping Window Blind,
Guy Wetmore Carryl – The Sycophantic Fox & Gullible Raven,
Lewis Carroll – the Walrus & the Carpenter,
J Ashby-Sterry – Kindness to Animals,
EB White – The Circus, Widor – Resolution,
WM Thackray – The Sorrows of Werther,
Edwin Meade Robinson – The Animal Solution.